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Specialists In All Peyronie’s Disease Treatments. Including Ground-Breaking, Cutting-Edge Technologies from Storz Medical Focused Shockwave Treatment.

Specialist Shockwave Treatment for Peyronie's is quick, easy, pain free, with no down time.

Successful results from just 6 Treatments!

Our Senior Specialist Consultant has more than 30 years experience in Peyronie’s and offers you a FREE initial consultation. Call now for full details, or to assess your symptoms & suitability.

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Peyronie's Therapy UK

Welcomes You To York Therapy Centre. 

With more than 30 years experience in Peyronie’s Disease and Erectile Dysfunction…You’re at the right place.

Specialist Peyronie’s Disease Treatments : Cutting edge Medical Treatment that Lasts...

Successful Peyronie’s Disease treatment with specialist focused shockwave treatment, is easy, pain free and can be successful in just 6 weeks! Multiple types of treatments alongside Shockwave is the secret to successful treatment outcomes for Peyronie’s sufferers. 

Shockwave treatment removes plaque & allows elasticity within the tissue. When used in conjunction and alongside other treatments, we can find total success or significant improvements, returning more than 98% of men to an active and confident life!

The secret to successful treatment is here at York Therapy Centre.

Medical trials and new discoveries in Focused Shockwave therapy are both exciting and hugely successful; This amazing technology is non-invasive, simple, quick, pain free and very successful in most men.

Shockwave Treatment is transforming the lives of countless men suffering from Peyronie’s disease and associated Erectile Dysfunction (E.D,) while saving thousands of other men from invasive, irreversible and often unwanted surgical procedures, its success is returning thousands of men to spontaneous, sustained and naturally occurring erections and is successful for men of all ages.


Success Rates For Peyronie’s Disease?

Success rates are impressive, York Therapy Centre provides specialist and individually tailored types of treatments to ensure each patient receives the most effective treatments and best possible results. Some treatment plans may include treatments to be carried out at home while working alongside specialist Shockwave treatments at our specialist centre...

Example... Peyronie’s disease sufferers with a 10 to 90 degree bend may require anything between 6 to 18 Shockwave treatments with a combination of other types of treatments to see significant success.

Shockwave treatment breaks down plaque and allows underlying scarring to become malleable, introducing other treatments at this specific point in treatment is the secret to achieving a successful conclusion for more than 98% of our patients, here at York Therapy Centre.


Peyronie's Therapy UK


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Medical Trials Reveal New 'Focused Shock Wave Therapy’ Is A Huge Success For thousands of men suffering from Peyronie's Disease & Erectile Dysfunction: Because It Fixes The Root Cause - Not Just The Symptom!

Six, Quick, Easy, Pain-Free Treatments. Life Changing Treatment For Men Of All Ages.

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The Latest Treatment From ‘Storz Medical Focused Shock Wave Technologies Are Here At York Therapy Centre.’

Peyronie’s Disease is a soul-destroying symptom which affects millions of men all over the World.

York therapy centre was created by it’s senior consultant Mr A. Wood in October 1992. His Successful treatments, therapies and cures are recognised and continue to be highly recommended by Doctors.

Today Mr Woods 30 years of experience finds him a leader in his specialist fields of Peyronie’s Disease and Erectile Disfunction. His private practice (York Therapy Centre) continues to be sought after by doctors and patients alike, while he and other therapists continue to specialise in Peyronie’s Disease, Erectile Dysfunction and much more. 

Mr Wood’s vast experience will help you to fully understand your symptoms, while he guides you to be able to discover which type of treatment will successfully remove your symptoms as quickly as possible.

Treatment plans are tailored to your symptoms. In almost all cases, men who have Storz Medical shockwave treatment report “a life changing success”, while returning to an active, spontaneous and sustained sex-life.

A text book case of Peyronie’s disease, treated with Shockwave therapy is quick, easy, pain-free, non-invasive, it is normally completed in just 6 weekly treatments and could change your whole life.

Call now for a Free and private consultation with our

Senior Specialist Consultant, Mr A. Wood.

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What is Peyronie’s Disease?

Peyronie’s Disease is not actually a Disease, it is more commonly thought to be the result of a trauma (or ware and tear) to the internal tissue causing scaring and plaque hampering the free movement and expansion of the tissue needed for good quality erectile function.

The symptoms of Peyronie’s were named after a French man, who was a surgeon called ‘François Gigot de la Peyronie 1678 – 1747’. La Peyronie give his name to the curvature discovered within five of his patients Penis’, he called this bend, shortening and narrowing, Peyronie’s Disease.

Today Peyronie’s Disease is associated with a large and varying degree of penile bend, shortening and a reduction in girth, together with a loss of sensation and pain in the earlier 2nd stages of its development, although any pain associated with Peyronie’s can be present in the second stage (known as the developing stages) this normally subsides and stops when the symptoms have settled into the final stages, known as the stable stage.
Peyronie’s Disease can appear in men of any age, but it becomes most commonly seen in men from 35 years and older. 

What Causes Peyronie’s Disease?

Peyronie’s Disease is generally thought to be caused by injury or trauma to the tissue, which results in scaring and plaque. [see picture ‘Peyronie’s Disease’]
Sometimes looking back into the past can reveal the memory of an injury to the area, perhaps because it left significant bussing and/or swelling which is recalled vividly, this is often associated and/or can be known as a Penile fracture. More frequently, it is the unnoticed insignificant smaller events (even, general wear and tear) which are thought to be enough to cause a single or multiple trauma’s sites within the tissue, these traumas (injuries) can be very small which often go completely unnoticed by the victim who will latter suffer from the effects and symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease due the scaring and plaque sites within the tissue



Peyronie’s DiseaseTreatment Uk

Peyronie’s disease treatment (UK) and York Therapy Centre, is excited to offer ‘Hugely Successful’ twenty first century treatment with New Cutting Edge Technologies from Storz Medical and ‘Shockwave Therapy – which is genuinely returning men with Peyronie’s to an active, spontaneous and sustained intimacy, which many men thought they had lost!’
Focused Storz Medical Shockwave treatments are a very welcome light in the darkness and this new technology is bringing ‘life changing treatment’ for the vast majority of men suffering with various degrees of Peyronie’s disease at all age groups!


In almost all cases, men suitable to have treatment with Focused Shockwave Therapy report a “Life Changing Success”, while returning to an active, spontaneous and sustained sex-life.

Its quick, easy, pain-free, non-invasive, completed in 6 -18 weeks and is genuinely life changing…


The UK N.H.S. in general, has had very little to offer in the way of non-invasive Peyronie’s Disease Treatment in the UK and continues to be of very limited comfort to the sufferer.
Although N.H.S treatments ‘may include’ traction devises and vacuum pumps (if you fit N.H.S. criteria) there is a huge debate about their use for Peyronie’s sufferers, because even just common-sense dictates that these devises can tear tissue at plaque and trauma sites, giving way to even more trauma and even more Peyronie’s bends following their use, leading to an even worsening condition.
Our Specialist Consultant at York Therapy Centre recommends only specified top quality traction devices to be used ONLY with, or alongside Specialist Shockwave Therapy and ONLY at a point in treatment when plaque has been removed and when scaring sites are recovering with ‘re-generation of healthy new tissue’ created by Shockwave Therapy Treatment. 

In extreme Peyronie’s cases the N.H.S may offer ‘some men’ (who fit their criteria) correction surgery. This often includes surgery to implant inflation devises implanted into the penis which are inflated by a pump bulb fitted inside the scrotum, this pump is supplied from a tank of liquid implanted above the pubic bone. This type of very invasive and irreversible surgery should be considered a last resort option, which may become an appropriate option in limited and extreme cases. However, it is prudent to try non-invasive shockwave therapy before submitting to throwing away your ability to have a natural erection and all the risks of surgery, including infection, loss of feeling and the creation of more scaring, which caused this problem in the first place.


It’s a terrible shame that Shockwave treatment is not available for Peyronie’s Disease or erectile dysfunction through the N.H.S…
It is thought that more than 45% of men over 50 years old suffer from Peyronie’s Disease, or Erectile Dysfunction. If they all went to the N.H.S asking for Specialist Shockwave treatment, the N.H.S. would be overwhelmed in minuets – this reason alone, helps to explain why Specialist Shockwave treatment will never be available at Doctors surgeries or your N.H.S. hospital.

Exciting New Therapy And Life Changing Treatment With ‘Shock Wave Therapy’ For Erectile Dysfunction And So Much More.

York Therapy Centre is delighted to offer this new and Game Changing Technology‘Focused Acoustic Shock Wave Treatment’ is changing the lives of thousands of men all over the World, not only for fixing E.D. and Peyronie’s Disease in men, but also with breaking down scar tissue, reducing cellulite and eradicating chronic pain syndromes too.
Focused Shockwaves works by creating Micro-Trauma in the focused areas being treated. This Micro-Trauma, breaks down scar and plaque tissue (1st developed to smash kidney stones in the 1980’s without surgery or anesthetic) while regenerating the bodies own healing to the focused area.  

People are discovering freedom from their symptoms and are benefiting from these technologies for E.D. and Peyronie’s Disease, from young men, all the way through to some older men in their 90’s.

Our treatment plans are tailored to individual needs, from erectile performance enhancement, to Peyronie’s disease sufferers, or erectile dysfunction, through to sufferers from chronic pain, and/or long-term erectile problems.


This video link explains E.D. & Shock Wave Therapy; A must watch for all men.

American E.D. Specialist, Mr Alex Tatem.

He takes the words right out of my mouth and explains ‘everything’ (even the machine we use) perfectly.

The same process, care and therapy, here at our Treatment Centre here in the UK!

York Therapy Centre

Treatment With Shock Wave Is Easy And Private.

If you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease, or Prostatitis (pelvic pain syndrome). Just 6 easy and painless Shock Wave Therapy Treatments, couldchange your whole life.

This new and exciting technology is genuinely ‘Ground Breaking’ for many men who previously had no alternative but to undergo irreversible, invasive surgical implants or surgical intervention. Shock Wave Therapy is allowing thousands of men to enjoy a wonderful return to sustained, spontaneous erections, which are re-invigorating men’s freedom as they rediscover their confidence, while returning to an active sex life.

Medical trials show ‘New Focused Shock Wave Therapy’ is a huge medical success for men of all ages who suffer from E.D. and Peyronie’s Disease, because Focused Shock Waves cures the root cause, not just the symptom.

Most men report “Life Changing Success”, returning to an active, spontaneous and sustained sex-life after a full course of treatment. It is quick, easy, pain free, non-invasive and completed in approximately 6 weeks.

The Latest Treatment From ‘Storz Focused Acoustic Shock Wave Technologies Is Here At York Therapy Centre.’

Call For A Free Initial Consultation to Assess Your Symptoms and Treatment Suitability. 

A text book case of Peyronie’s disease treated with Shockwave therapy is quick, easy, pain-free, non-invasive, normally completed in just 6 – 18 weekly treatments and could change your whole life.

Call now for a Free and private consultation with our

Senior Specialist Consultant, Mr A. Wood.

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